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2 Comments 15 June 2011

A good friend told me a story about a photographic trip she once took to Mexico. She gad only her one film camera and one lens. She cracked the glass of her one lens and she was devastated. She pushed through the trip with her cracked lens with unexpected and beautiful results.

Last night the during the magic hours around dusk, I had to grab my camera and the first lens I found. The colors were magnificent but changing by the second. Unfortunately, I grabbed the lens that was smashed somewhere during our move from Hawaii to Italy. I recalled my friend’s story and decided to use the lens. Just the same, I had beautiful results.

I will add a couple images that I shot using the lens once I repair my corrupt Hardrive. For now, here is a shot from my iPhone of the broken glass.

Thanks Karen for sharing your story and giving me another DIY filter moment.



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  1. Max says:

    You repair corrupt hardrives by yourself? Wow, hats off! ;-)
    BTW: broken hardrives and memory cards sometimes lead to beautiful results as well.

  2. Adam Allegro says:

    That sucks!! Brian just told me how it happened. i’m sorry… Hope you guys get it off. Thanks for telling me about the eclipse last night, got a bunch of photos!

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